High End Pawn Shops For The Rich & Famous?

On November 19, 2010, in Odd, by Jason Bax

Pawn Shops For The Rich & Famous

Money lending is the world’s 2nd oldest profession.

high end pawn shops

High End pawn shops for the Rich

As banks clench their grubby fists and tighten their lending policies it becomes harder for even the rich to borrow money. Now the rich have their very own high end pawn shops.

When you think of pawn shops you may imagine a sweaty, fat guy wearing too much gold sitting behind a counter haggling with a sketchy guy over what he’ll pay for a bag of live monkeys he ‘found’ in the park.

But Boomerang Lending is a high end pawn shop specializing in lending amounts of $2000 to $200,000 on up to 50% of the value of luxury goods like jets, yachts, high end jewelry, Monet paintings etc.

“Defaulting on a Boomerang Lending loan does not impact an individual’s credit report since the loan has been secured with collateral,” according to Boomerang’s press release

Rich snobs who wouldn’t be caught dead don’t have to set one pompous foot inside a pawn shop because Boomerang will lend you money over the Internet. Drop your high end, luxury item in the mail and and they’ll wire money direct to your bank account. Of course, you will need a slightly box for your Maserati.

Source: http://www.credit.com/blog/2010/11/pawn-shop-for-the-rich/#comment-4117

Spotted By: Christopher Maag

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