Holy Crap Cereal

On June 9, 2011, in Weird Food, by Jason Bax

“Holy crap, this cereal is good!”

I just spotted a bucket of Holy Crap Cereal while shopping. When this company changed their name from Happy Foods Group to Holy Crap cereal sales exploded 400%. The second tipping point for this small cereal company was a stellar appearance on CBC TV show Dragon’s Den (Shark Tank in US). A Dragon investor took one mouthful, reacted with, “Holy crap, that’s good cereal” and struck a deal for a $100,000 investment for a 20% stake in the company. In the 51-days prior to the show they did $65,000 in sales.

20110609-105541.jpgCereal so good it will make you say holy crap!

I’m not a fan of cereal so at $10 per packet this better have traces of rainbows and ground up unicorns in it for me to part with that kind of money. BUT, I’ll try it asap just to see if it lives up to its name. Who knows, maybe Holy Crap cereal will convert me.

Site: Holycrap.ca

BUN Business Lessons

1. Create a truly great product.

No super salesperson or amount of marketing can move crap product.

2. Bold Name

If your competing in a cluttered category like cereal and don’t have the 1st product in a new category (think Redbull) then you need to stand out in some way. Calling something Holy Crap is pretty good way to do that. Can you guess what the ‘B’ in Skinny B stands for?

3. Create a great demo that compels and engages people’s senses.

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