5 Weird Online Business Ideas

On November 19, 2010, in Weird Websites, by Jason Bax

What the ____?! That’s a Business?

Ideas are like A-holes…everyone has one BUT they don’t all stink. Like these business ideas. Yes, they may be a bit weird and unusual but these 5 online business ideas actually worked!

5 Online Business Ideas that Worked in 61-seconds

Which one of these online businesses surprises you most? Comment below

Ideas are everywhere. Start sniffing them out.

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[ BAX:  Which one of these online business ideas surprised you most? Comment below... ]

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One Response to 5 Weird Online Business Ideas

  1. bob says:

    LOL that website where they show you how to blow better is jokes hahaha

    ps this is an interesting website,

    Keep up the good work

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